Thursday, July 5, 2007

New LED Touchbutton MP4 Digital Media Player, 2.4 inch screen

MP4 and MP3 players from China are looking better and better, and more and more different ones, with some unique styles (and plenty of clone ones too!) are becoming available. I was browsing the Blogosphere today, and on Technorati I ran across the blog for ChinaVasion, a wholesale import company selling all kinds of Chinese electronics and whatnot. On their blog, Wholesale Electronics, they just announced a new digital media player they will be carrying, a LED Touchbutton MP4 Digital MP4 Media player, with a nice big 2.4 inch screen. It's a new release, at least for ChinaVasion, but it looks at least a bit similar to many other models available online, be it from eBay or other online retailers.

According to ChinaVasions wholesale bog website, this touch button MP4 digital media player features not only a big 2.4 inch screen, but also allows videos to be played in .AVI format, a nice change from many smaller clone players that only play as .AMV or .MTV, two video formats for MP4 players that are decidedly not as high in quality as a .AVI file. This player also supports the audio files MP3 and WMA, two popular audio file types. It doesn't (at least from how it is advertised) support the very popular iPod music format, but I do not know of any non-iPod players, even clone players, that support this music format. Of course, you can always convert your music over to the format of your choice if you have an mp4/mp3 converter program that will convert such audio files.

The headphone jack is apparently 3.5mm, which is very good-many older Chinese MP4 and MP3 models only had 2.5mm headphone jacks, which do not fit normal headphones used commonly in the United States of America. The MP4 player holds 4GB, and ChinaVasion is selling it for roughly $80, although the price drops if you buy a bulk lot (I don't know why you would, unless you are planning on selling them back online or to your friends). The screenshots of it and its firmware look terribly decent, although not as slick as the fantastic looking Meizu digital media player, which has even impressed the tech powerhouse review website CNET with its functions and price.

Overall, I'd say that this new model being advertised by ChinaVasion looks pretty decent, and has an ok price for a 4GB model. It definitely looks like the Meizu, or some of the current Zune/iPod models out there, but it's not close enough to be called an exact MP4 clone player, like some Nano Clone models. I'd love to get my hands on this MP4 video player to review it, and if I do, I'll certainly post a comprehensive review. Let me note, in closing, that I have not ordered from ChinaVasion before, and I do not know how their service is.

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